Thursday, February 24, 2011


the most stressful part of this wedding process has absolutely nothing to do with the actual wedding itself, and everything to do with where in the world we are going to live once we get married.

granted, we have dragged our feet a little bit in this process because we are both in great living situations right now. plus we had a couple irons in the fire that over time we thought we were going to pan out.  however, as of monday, our irons in the fire had officially burned out, and we were left to sorrowfully collect our ashes and move on.   

thus, we have spent the entire week frantically agonizing over the when, where, how, to what extent in the world we can get something that 1) is safe and 2) within a close commute to MUSC and my job that 3) won't break the small bank that we have and 4) compares to where i am now.

i'm not sure what is the most difficult of our 1-4 but i think number 4 may be the most difficult bullet point to strike off. . .  at least for me, personally.

call me a hopeless romantic, idealistic, eternal optimistic, but i have visions of a perfect happily-ever-after, cookie cutter first home complete with an amazing kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 3 bedrooms/ 2 baths, living area + working fire place, charming dining area, small fenced in yard so we can maybe get a four legged friend one day. . . . .  yada yada yada.

tell me i'm living on planet impossible already, ok?

and yes, unfortunately, it is a freaking dog eat dog world in the charleston rental market.

it is an absolutely terrible, terrible pill to swallow.

oy vey.

we need to win the lotto. STAT.

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  1. I understand completely. Good luck on your quest. Just remember, it is probably not your forever home, so you can improve as you go!