Wednesday, May 18, 2011

dirty laundry

the wedding season has been such a joyous occassion, and i truly have enjoyed every minute of it.

as we enter the final 10 day count down, however, all of a sudden, i am finding myself on the verge of unraveling. 

my mom has recently described me as "spacey" (re: locking my keys in my car, forgetting to pack essential items like bras when i travel). . .  lash, as "tense" . . .

i find myself tearing up over the silliest things- sweet comments my dad makes about losing his girl, the thought of walking down the aisle, the excitement of spending the rest of my life with the one God specifically made for me, being officially a grown up, etc...  it is such an emotional time.

this week, trying to balance the final days of work, lash being out of town, getting our house 100% organized before we leave, making sure we have an exact head count for the day of, and packing my bags for two weeks straight is completely overwhelming me right now.

yet, i cannot let myself get wrapped up trying to please every single person or agonizing over every last minute detail.

i just want everything to work out smoothly. and deep down, i know it will. 

i keep praying and praying for courage, poise, and grace.  we're almost there!!


  1. good luck with everything!

  2. keep praying and believing! your day will be perfection!

  3. It's going to be PERFECT!!! I know it :)