Friday, May 13, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

Round 2:  I posted this yesterday but with blogger's goof, it seems to have disappeared!! 

- Have you seen the Calypso line for Tarjay? I went in yesterday for sunscreen only, and in typical Target fashion, came out with much more than I had budgeted for. Regardless, look at these cuties! They are perfect for our honeymoon!

I love the nautical inspired top in the coral.
The shoes were $15, and I swear they look and feel like a much more expensive shoe.
I am wearing them today and they are so comfortable! I'm contemplating getting a second pair in another color.

- I've got the beet! Why do these veggies get such a bad rap? I love them and seem to order them at every restaurant we go to these days! I am a little intimidated to make them at home. Does anyone have a good recipe to share??

- I am going to be in Charleston for the entire weekend for the first time since March 4. MARCH 4 people... That was 10 weeks ago!

- I think it is safe to say this weekend of R and R is long, long, long overdue. I have big plans of doing nothing... Maybe going to the Farmers Market Saturday morning, and hopefully hitting the beach Sunday. That's it!

- Today is Lash's FINAL test for year one of medical school! Hooooooray!! I am so proud of him for his hard work and dedication. He has done so well! It is amazing watching someone follow their dream, and excel doing it! To celebrate, we are going to Chais tonight for dessert and drinks and redeem my Groupon {from last fall, oops!} I can't wait!

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  1. Woahhh you found my blog in perfect timing for that beet recipe. You MUST make it! It's really not that bad for you either. No butter! And you can be careful with the cheese. :) I have two pairs of those sandals from Target -- black and orange. They are great, and I saw a verrrrryyy similar pair by Jessica Simpson for like 60 bucks. 15 vs. 60... I think I'm going with Target.