Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home: In Progress

Our first house is very quickly becoming our sweet first home.  As promised, here is a brief glimpse of our work in progress.  I hesitate to even share these because we are not finished and they are not perfect, but the sake of keeping it real, life is never perfect and I want to remember the journey as well as the destination.

So, welcome to our home!

For a background and architectural layout of the house, please refer back to this post.

Let's start with downstairs.  It's obviously nighttime outside, and unfortunately the socket doesn't work at this outlet so its hard to get a grasp of our entryway in the dark.

Despite it's prominence, the living room is actually very incomplete because we are missing our couch my parents gave us as a wedding gift!  Can you tell where it is supposed to go? Once it arrives, I think I want to round out the room with a seagrass rug for some additional warmth and depth.  The Audobon painting, a wedding gift from a dear friend, brings our color scheme full circle and completes the room.  I also love the Lowcountry touch!

Here is a snap of the dining room with our DIY recovered chairs. I wish I had taken these pictures in the afternoon, because the natural light in this place is outstanding!  If you remember from my previous post, the room is surrounded by wonderful built in shelves that I cannot wait to decorate with our festive wedding knick knacks and pictures.  Again, a wonderful reminder that this is a work in progress!

Now, my favorite room and heart of the house- the kitchen!  I have loved having a gas stove and modern appliances.  Quite an update from my old downtown townhome!

The what- I- once- thought- was- awkward mudroom in the back is quickly becoming both quite charming and very functional!  My dear desk {that I was about to throw away} fits perfectly in the alcove and is basically a necessity with the Thank You Note City I find myself visiting every night, and the chest provides a great source of storage for infrequently used items and serves as our bar!  We are in the market for {cheap} patio furniture to put in our backyard so if you know of anyone selling a table and a few chairs, let me know!

Upstairs, I love how our master bedroom is coming together!!  I just adore the soothing beige and light blue hues, accented ever so softly with the pop of color from the rug and painting.  {That painting was my wedding gift to Lash!}  Besides from missing the obvious (the groom!), we are missing a painting of Lucy Creek to go over the dresser and accent pillows for our bed.  I may want to reposition the rug, but wanted to live with it like this for a while.. ya know, feel out the vibe!

The guest bedroom/ study?  Well, that, my friends, is a danger zone work in progress.  Lash is moving his bed and cleaning up his school books (ahem) soon. Just kidding, Lash! For now, I am pretending like this area does not exist.

Once the bed is there, this is the bedding we will use.  Thank you to my future MIL for the wonderful custom made headboard and striped dust ruffle.  Can you tell I love blue?  Our entire house is blue!

So, this concludes our tour for now!  As we continue to nest and figure out the spaces, I will continue to update.  It has been so much fun decorating and getting this far.  I cannot wait for Lash to move in, and make this officially be our residence!


  1. You've done so much already to make it look like a warm and welcoming home!! I love the chest in the living room!

  2. So gorgeous and the lighting looks great! Cozy and bright and I love it!!!!! Can't wait to visit :)

  3. ML, it looks like you are doing such a good job making a special place for the two of you! It seems so inviting and comfortable, while absolutely charming! p.s. I love blue too!