Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catching Up

Hi friends! Sorry for the temporary blogging hiatus.  Last week flew by and its hard to believe the weekend is already over, and we're back to Monday, again.

Thursday night, Anna came over for a Royal Wedding slumber party :) We got up at 5 am, and snuggled up on my pull out couch to watch history unfold.  The wedding was amazing, Kate looked so flawless and so poised, and the couple seemed like a perfect match for each other.  It made me so excited about our wedding!

In addition to slumber parties, I spent just about every evening last week getting organized for the big fat move!  As excited as I was {or really AM} to move, I do admit packing and moving out of my beloved apartment was bittersweet.  I told Anna that I felt like I was living that scene from Father of the Bride, where Annie says that she feels like she is packing up her childhood.  She nailed it.  It is incredibly exciting, but also very sentimental.  All of a sudden I feel very grown up!!

The bittersweetness did not last long though as soon as we pulled up to our new space.  It is adorable!!  Our furniture fits perfectly, and the day went about as easily and effortlessly as moving could.  I will post some pictures soon of our "progress."  Until then, I'm trying to remind my tired self to drive "home" to West Ashley and not downtown.  I'm sure I'm going to slip up a time or no.

Until next time--- I'm off to fluff and puff, and unload some boxes. Happy Sunday evening, y'all!

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