Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Final Fling

As I've blogged about probably too much, Lash started back to medical school today.  While a very small part of me is looking forward to getting into a more normal and consistent routine, I am truly sadden to see this blissful summer end.

Our newlywed summer has been the most fun summer of my entire life.

Knowing this transition would not be the most welcomed period, we decided to jet off for one last hoorah before we had to say hello to our new reality.

In our planning and preparation for this trip, it was like the stars aligned for Atlanta.  On Lash's bucket list was going to a Braves game, and wouldn't you know, a Groupon popped across my email soon after we decided to rendezvous.  One week later, we also scored a deal on a perfect hotel from Jetsetter.  It was meant to be!

After easy travels Friday, we got situated, enjoy a cocktail, and took the public transportation to the game...  Let me tell you, the public transportation was an adventure in and of itself, but it certainly made the night both memorable and easy that we did not having to fight the infamous Atlanta traffic.

Our Groupon seats had us in the front row of the third section with access to an air conditioned breezeway with great vendors and clean restrooms.  I truly did not know what to expect from our seats, but this was quite an exciting surprise!  The game was a lot of fun!

Saturday morning, we enjoyed a lazy morning before walking around Buckhead for a good while.  We ventured to lunch at FLIP burger per the recommendation of Mary, and it was a hit!!  A self proclaimed burger "boutique", FLIP burger takes a very modern, refined take on an American classic.  I would definitely recommend it.

I had "the local" - grass- fed beef, farm lettuce, heirloom tomato, grilled vidalia onion, chow- chow, local cheese and coca cola ketchup.  Lash had the "mushroom + swiss" - sauteed mushrooms, swiss cheese foam, caramelized onions, and horseradish mayo ... with a side of onion rings which were divine.

*P.S. Want to know something that blows my mind?  My husband doesn't really like ketchup.  I don't understand.  I could eat ketchup with a spoon.

Following a leisurely lunch, we walked a little more, and ultimately decided to head back to the hotel to enjoy the afternoon by the pool.  It was so relaxing, and I'm so glad we just enjoyed the day and didn't feel any pressure to sight see or do anything we really didn't want to do.

That evening, we had a fabulous dinner at Bistro Niko.  We both could not get over how similar the restaurant was to Charleston's Rue de Jean.  From the service, atmosphere, cocktails, and cuisine, it was all wonderful! 

I didn't take any photos of our cuisine (split mussels, ribeye for Lash, veal for me), though I did manage to take this awkward solo shot for some girlfriends... you know....  A special occasion called for a Kir Royale in my book! :)

Per our server's recommendation, we ended the evening a night cap at Whiskey Blue, on top of the W hotel.  An outdoor patio featured a stunning view of downtown Atlanta that was gorgeous and the perfect end to the evening!

As if we had not eaten our way through Atlanta the day before, prior to hitting the road back to Charleston, we met up with dear friends for brunch at Babette's in Virginia Highlands-- what an adorable part of Atlanta!  My friend, Anna, said that is reminds her of a sophisticated and grown up version of Byrnes Down, and I have to agree.

All in all, it was a fabulous trip, and I'm especially thankful we made it a priority to do something fun together before the library locks us down.  

Now I just have to work on the actual transition part....


  1. Looks like a very fun trip. Y'all need to try the new burger place on Upper King (right beside Midtown). I went there last night and it is delicious. (http://www.homcharleston.com/)

    P.S. I can eat ketchup by the spoon, too! =)

  2. That looks like a fab getaway!! You look darling!!

  3. Looks like such a fun trip! I've wanted to go to Flip for a long time (I'm obsessed with Top Chef and Richard Blais), glad to hear good things!

  4. What a fun final fling! We plan on taking our kiddos to Atlanta when Brad has a big produce meeting there in October. We plan on doing the aquarium, which is something I have been wanting to do forever!

    Good luck to Lash this year in Med school -- although I don't know if I can trust someone who doesn't like ketchup!! ;-)

  5. Do you like beer? We always swing by the Sweetwater brewery when in ATL. very fun! I love Braves games!!