Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I just stole chicken.

Not really.

But I feel like it.

Do you subscribe to Earth Fare's "Welcome Home Savings"?  You should.  Every week, they offer great deals like free produce, $ off items, or fun other savings.  I don't shop a lot at Earthfare because it is too expensive, but I always look forward to this coupon as Publix also accepts it as a competitors coupon and matches the price.

This morning I wanted to jump out of my chair when I was this deal, and went straight after work to get some for dinner tonight.

Without the coupons, the chicken (at a steep $5.69/lb regular) would have retailed for $29.47!

But using Lash's student discount (valid only on Wednesdays at EF) and one other chicken coupon I had, we got 5.18 lbs (8 big breasts) of chicken for $4.64.

That's a lot of chicken!  But I'm so excited to have a full freezer though, especially with the busy fall ahead of us!  I know what's on our menu for the coming weeks...

Seriously, go to Earthfare this week!


  1. I saw this coupon but haven't taken advantage yet!! I love a good deal!

  2. Can't wait to use mine at Publix!! Was the other chicken coupon you used the one on their website?

  3. Thanks to your post, I just got $25.59 worth of chicken from Earthfare for $2.00 + tax. Thanks for sharing!!