Thursday, April 12, 2012

the first casualty

The low last night and this morning was a cool 48 degrees.  In an attempt to protect our newly potted plants, we brought them inside for the evening.

Lash went to the gym this morning and let Collins roam around the kitchen for an hour before I woke up.   When, I walked down to let her out, this is what I saw.

Our plants were destroyed- completely uprooted, soil flung all across the kitchen, and finally eaten.

Right before we went to bed last night we were talking about what a good dog she has been and how thankful we were we got her... and then we woke up to this.  Haha!

So much for that green thumb, right?

Looks like I'll be back to Lowe's on Saturday for round two!


  1. hahaha hope she didn't get too sick!! At least you tried to keep the plants safe!

  2. haha ooops..i think puppies have a sixth sense of when their owners think they're being good. so then they're bad. :)

  3. I can't help but laugh...this reminds me so much of my lab when he was a baby. He was so good, and then I came home one day from work and my bathroom was about 3 inches deep in shredded toilet paper... I too took pictures and my baby was sitting there looking at the camera like "What did I do?" just like yours is! :)

  4. I love that she is posing so cute in the pictures!