Monday, April 9, 2012


Remember in January, when I surprised Lash for his birthday with RHCP tickets?

The show was rescheduled to Saturday night from the original January date because the lead singer broke his foot.  RHCP is one of Lash's favorite bands, and he was literally giddy with excitement as we traveled to Cola. 

We had to take a little pit stop in route, however, when a "low tire pressure" warning light came on in my Volvo.  We he (let's be serious) checked four tires, put in more air, and we assumed everything would be fine..

But the dang light was still on!  We couldn't figure it out until we called my dad and he told us to check the spare tire's pressure.  That was it!  Who woulda thought?!  Thank goodness for that call because I was pleading for Lash to turn the car around to go swap it for his... which essentially would have had us nearly miss the show.

After the car trouble, a long drive, my general anxiety of the concert (I wasn't feeling 100%), I had to get mentally ready.  I hardly drink anything other than Chard, so Lash knew this was serious, lol.

The RHCP was a very fun concert to go to.  They sound amazing live, and they (as well as the crowd they drew) were very entertaining.  I do not know any of their new tunes, but thankfully, they played all of their old hits and we had the best time singing along.

Since the concert was the night before Easter (which is a very important, family holiday for us), we drove to Beaufort after the concert.  It was a haul- 2.5hrs- and I was honestly so tired I had to take a snooze on the interstate.  Lash had never driven to Beaufort from 95 and I told him to just look for the Point South exit and we would be fine. 

Ha.  This is embarassing but its one of those things where I could not remember the exact number of the exit, because I don't think of it when I drive, I just do it, ya know?  So... I guessed the exit number... and completely guessed him the wrong one.  I woke up 10 miles after the exit we were supposed to get off on, and in a complete daze, realized my mistake and panicked.  Thankfully, I have a very patience and understanding husband and the GPS had navigated us through the backroads of Ridgeland.  We made it to my parent's house just before 1:30 a.m.

It was quite the day!

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