Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Day: Shopping for THE Dress

TGIF!!  It seems like I am living for the weekend these days, but with these crazy weeks I just completed, I'm not giving myself too much grief. . . the earliest I got home this week after work and other activities was 8:30pm, with the latest being after midnight.  No wonder the bags under my eyes have reached a new level of plump.

Regardless of the chaos, I am SO excited about my dad tomorrow- my mom and I are going shopping for my wedding dress!!!

Unfortunately, I am not regarded as the best shopper- read: high metabolism, low blood sugar. We used to laugh when I was younger because my mom would have to time shopping immediately after eating so that I would actually have the energy and stamina to make it through the dressing room ordeal.  And to this day, shopping takes it out of me. Am I alone in this?

Anyways, I cannot believe this day is here.  I think this is the day every girl dreams about!!  Regarding the dress, I have no idea what style, fabric, cut I am looking for.  I'm going to just go with an open mind and see what feels right. I hope that when I try on THE dress, I'll just "know."

Also, I don't want to get you toooo excited because I will not be showing the dress to anyone. Not the blog world or friend world. Sorry!!  Most specifically because I don't want people forwarding it on to their mothers, friends, whatevers and having preconceived ideas of what I am going to look like. . . AND, I especially do not want the pic to get around to the groom.  I like the element of surprise.  I think it would take away from the day if I blogged all about it.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great weekend.  I've started five different posts throughout this week and not published a dang one so hopefully I can get my act together.  But tell me- - -  How did you handle your wedding dress? Did you keep it a secret or forward on?  Any advice for the 'day of' shopping- besides having plenty of snacks on hand to get keep that blood sugar stable?

Lord, Bless my momma as we tackle this exciting task!!! :)

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  1. So excited about this ML! And I can think of no one better than your momma to go dress shopping with. :) She exudes calm & collectedness from her pores!