Saturday, September 4, 2010


I have not had the chance to blog much this week as I've been really engaged with lots going on. . .

I've been engaged in a little bit of an electronic hiatus when I get home from work, instead trying to read and enjoy the cooler weather Charleston has been having lately.

I've been engaged with catching up with old friends, walking the bridge and enjoying the last few rays of summertime at Sullivans. . .

I've also been engaged visiting my parents out of town.  I love that Beaufort is so close and I can easily hop down there during the week. . .

But mostly, the blog has taken a backseat because I have been sweetly blessed and am beyond excited to tell you that,

We are engaged!!!

I am the happiest girl in the world!!!  It was the PERFECT proposal and PERFECT evening. I have not been able to wipe the smile off my face since the proposal.  I'm just glowing inside and out.

I cannot wait to share the details (and pictures) with y'all.  Please join us in prayer as we begin this very exciting chapter of our lives together.

Lash and I are getting married!!!!!! :)


  1. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you!!!

  2. Oh the places y'all will go together! I hope you continue to drop off hints to the good life in your blog!

  3. Best wishes!! That is so exciting!!

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