Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Skinny

It's been a very long while since I've done "The Good, The Bad, and the Skinny" post (originally inspired by Katie's blog here) so I thought I'd dust off the mothballs and bring my A.D.D. as of late full circle.

The Good: I ordered two adorable dresses from Lulus.com last Wednesday. I'm so excited my future sisters- in- law introduced me to this site!
The Bad: It has officially been a week since I ordered them, and they still have not arrived.
The Skinny:  This is why I am terrible at online shopping. I hate waiting for the shipping, but am too cheap to pay for rushing/ overnighting things.

The Good: After a week-long cold/sore throat/ congestion funk, I am finally feeling better.
The Bad: Being sick is miserable. I've spent the last week popping vitamin C like jolly ranchers and not getting much sleep because I couldn't breathe.
The Skinny: What's up with getting a cold in Sept? There is definitely something in the air. . . So many people have the ick right now! Hope you are feeling well!

The Good:  It is Restaurant Week in Charleston (wahoo!), and some old Wofford girlfriends and I are going to celebrate and take advantage of the great deals this Thursday night.
The Bad: I've had something to do every night this week after work.
The Skinny: I hope I will still be standing by Thursday PM.  Being busy on the week nights really throws me for a ringer by the end of the week. I can't keep up!

The Good:  One of these aforementioned weekly commitments is the Junior League.
The Bad: This is my provisional year.  I've never seen so many community service hours!!
The Skinny: Despite my initial reservations, I'm getting more excited about it and desperately seeking a good attitude and grateful heart. I'm going to meet lots of very wonderful and inspiring women in the area and give back to those in desperate need.

The Good:  You may remember here that I was debating chopping my hair off.  Well, decision made.  I chopped it all off.
The Bad: No updo or heavy veil on the wedding day.  Even though we are 9 months away, a short bob with a few strands pulled back is my only viable option.
The Skinny: I'm at peace about this decision, despite the inordinate amount of stressing I did over something so insignificant.  I keep telling myself its only hair, but praying I'll have a good hair day May 28th.  Hypocritical?

Ending with a wild card. . .
The Crazy:  How is it only Tuesday night?  This is what I feel like right now:

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