Sunday, September 26, 2010


Per Lash's resignation to the library with medical school, I'm trying to keep myself as busy as possible so I don't distract my dear doctor to be. 

Planning our wedding is, of course, great great fun and preoccupying lots of my time. . . but here's an additional glimpse into my chaos I'm calling the new normal these days:

-Work. Business is great and I just adore what I am doing, so I certainly cannot complain in this economy.  Our hours have changed a little bit so adjusting to that schedule has been a doozy.

-Junior League.  My provisional year is in full swing, demanding lots of time and community service.  Its fun meeting new people around town, and I'm starting to really enjoy it, despite my initial hesitations.

-Exercise/ Fun.  I've really been trying hard to take a night or two a week to see wonderful friends for walks across the bridge or a quick cocktail/supper after work.  Its always so great to catch up and unwind- I hope we can all keep this up (ah hem.....)

-Babysitting.  An old camper of mine from Camp Greystone just moved to Charleston with her fam so I've been babysitting a few times.  . . which if you know me is humerous because growing up I was never one to babysit. But alas, its keeping me busy, I love the kids, and its currently keeping me out of my debt. Guess I can't complain there!!

-Essential Jesus Life Group.  Lash and I are participating in this amazing bible study and life group at St. Michael's Episcopal Church that meets once a week.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this church, and its people-  we have been welcomed with open arms and love the fellowship and education we are experiencing there.  Its been so awesome.  I am learning more and more each day and growing closer in my walk with the Lord. . . which is exactly what I need at this point in my life.  Every week, I leave on fire, refreshed, and fulfilled.

-Hobbies.  In my free time (ha), I'm still debating on getting a new hobby! My mom and sister are really into needle-pointing so I've toyed around with that idea. . . trying to expand my domesticity resume before the big day, I suppose. ;)

-TV.  My roommate has finally convinced me to hop on the TV train with Modern Family.  Wow- that show is hilarious!!  I'm also working on Glee.  I missed it last week but hoping to catch up on hulu soon.  Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye (tearfully) to LOST last May, and that was heartbreaking.  We'll see which of this shows I get into, but something has got to fill that LOST sized hole in my heart.

Anyways, in addition to the aforementioned activities, I have been on the G-O with the wedding. . . with errands, making appointments, browsing online, meeting with vendors, talking on the phone, emailing, etc.  Nevertheless, I LOVE it, and am SO excited about our big day.  Stay tuned last this week for an update on the dress and the bridesmaid dresses.

And, also, if you please,  keep Lash in your prayers this week as he prepares for his first test is Friday. . .  This is a huge ordeal and massive undertaking so please pray for his strength. courage. stamina. peace. confidence. diligence.

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