Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bridal Portait

I had my bridal portrait on Friday at Laurel Spring Plantation, where we will be having our reception.  I had my eye on snagging a picturesque moment with the natural beauty of the Lowcountry, aside from traditional studio shots.  Thankfully, the Lord blessed up with a beautiful day and delightful temperature... and it was a perfect day to conquer the task at hand.

I cannot say enough good things about my photographer, John Wrightenberry of Columbia. He is so talented!!  We've used him often with debutante balls and other family weddings, and I have to say using a photographer you are familiar with offers incredible advantages- they know you, what you like, and you know them, how they work, and what to expect.  Our shoot was effortless, and the photos he showed me from his LCD screen were amazing.  I cannot wait to see his work on a full screen and edited.

What a surreal feeling to have the dress and veil on with full hair and make up!  A true trial run and preview for the day!  I wish to death I could post pictures and previews of it, but I just cannot spoil the surprise.  Lash knows nothing of how my dress looks and I fully intend to keep it that way.

Speaking of hair, when we got engaged, my hair was this length:

Above is the longest my hair has been in 4 years, and in a moment of absolute insanity panic, I freaked out and chopped it all off.  Long hair isn't me.  I love, love, love short hair.  Everyone encouraged me against it, including my beloved hair dresser who was furious when I told her my decision.  I had to bribe her to cut it and only then did she grudgingly agreed.... How short did I want it?  SHORT.

I just figured it would either grow before the wedding or I'd wear it short.

Days later when we picked the wedding date of May 28... REGRET.COM.  May 28? In South Carolina? Humidity central.... asking for a disaster.

Nine months later, thanks be and praise be for the little engine that could! The short bob is no mo'!

My hair dresser gave me a high five Friday morning after she pull this off:

Now granted, this is my hair 12+ hours after the do was originally done, but I am so excited I can pull it all back!

Brides to be: don't do what I did.


  1. Love the bun! It's perfectly messy...

    My hair is so baby fine and doesn't grow past my shoulders and it's almost there now. I'm probably going to have hair pieces put in for my up-do since I don't have enough hair to do anything like a pretty messy bun. :)

    I'm so nervous about my wedding hair... I keep saving pictures of up-dos I like hoping that something will work.

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment!! :) We are SO excited to be heading home! :) And I totally did the same thing to my hair, except I was only engaged for 5 months so my short hair had very little time to grow! eek! but, it was long enough to do what I wanted and it worked! Thank goodness!!

  3. I've always preferred short hair for myself...well for most people, ha. My hair is the longest it has been in like um, 3 years, and it's just now touching my shoulders. NEED A TRIM STAT! :) Your hair is adorable too!