Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Girls Weekend at DeBordieu

We had the BEST weekend at DeBordieu, filled with as much joy and laughter as I have ever experienced in my entire life. 

I'm not kidding when I tell you we laughed the entire weekend.  The giddy, grab your stomach because its cramping, ouch your cheeks are hurting, and a steady stream of tears rolling down your face kind of laughter.  Though we certainly didn't get much sleep over the weekend, I can back more rested and rejuvented than I have been all spring after a weekend with my best friends.  My heart is happy.

Anna, our resident photographer, posted a little tidbit about the weekend here, in addition to a link to her online photo album. 

Saturday afternoon, while we sat on the deck of my grandfather's house bundled in towels and blankets because it was freezing, I looked around the circle and realized I could not be more content. 

I am blessed with the best set of girlfriends one could ask for.

Each of them has made such an incredible impact on my life, and I could not imagine standing up at the altar of the church without them.  I cherish the memories we've made, and look forward to the memories we will continue to make for the rest of our lives. It was a special weekend I will never forget.

I have some photos of my camera I have yet to upload.  It's on the agenda... along with thank you notes, packing, moving, wedding plans, details, junior league, the gym.... the list goes on and on.  Be back soon when I come up for air!

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