Monday, April 18, 2011

Planning the Move

I am getting so excited about moving into our first home!   I officially get the keys Friday afternoon, and though my big moving day won't be until the following Saturday, I do plan on being over there a lot next week to clean, snap some photos, and explore.  I can't wait to share the process with y'all!

Can I tell you how much I love Young House Love??  I am dying to have a gallery wall like theirs.  Unfortunately, I don't think our wall space will really work for one, especially one of that magnitude but  I am drooling.  Isn't is beautiful?? I love the personality and memories of all the photos, the white frames against the grayish blue walls, even the contrast against the dark heavy table.

This weekend, my awesome dad and future father in law tackled the DIY project of recovering eight dining room chairs for us my mom picked up at a consignment store.  I wish I had taken a photo of the chairs before. It's amazing what a new swatch of fabric and a coat of oil can do.

I love the fabric!!

My vision and inspiration for the dining room revolved around this favorite piece of mine. I love the odd color and textured look.  Unfortunately, the only picture I have is when it was decorated two years ago for Christmas, but you can get the idea.

We're still finalizing the details of the living room and master bedroom. The guest bedroom is all set, and sure to be a favorite of the house. I will certainly share pictures when we get it all put together!  It has been so much fun to plan our first house!

But, let me tell you, working out the transfer of services, utilities, and cable is the biggest pain in the rear.  Riddle me this--- why in the world it is cheaper for me to create a new account with Comcast than it is to transfer my current service to a new address? What happened to customer loyalty??

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