Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He Got Squirreled!

This is Lash's ceiling in his bedroom.  

Yesterday, Lash got home and noticed water dripping from the ceiling of his first floor bedroom.  He went to explore the leak . . . and quickly discovered that it was caused by a squirrel chewing through the waterline. . .  which in turn caused the ceiling to collapse this morning.

He and his roommate have the biggest mess over there with their wet floors, fallen ceiling, and other debris.  They've had to turn off the water, call a plumber, and deal with insurance folks.  What a nightmare!!  I hope the squirrels stay away from our waterline!


  1. Yikes! What a nightmare! I've never heard of that happening before. Hope they get it cleaned up soon!

  2. That's terrible! I hope they get it fixed soon!