Sunday, May 2, 2010

Restaurant Rants

I've been eating out a lot lately because I have been traveling for work and got home to nothing in my kitchen.  So this post is inspired by some of my less than pleasurable experiences and by my friend Natalie's blog post on Restaurant Rants.

-  After ordering, I really enjoying having a delicious piece of bread while sipping on my cocktail and conversing with the table.  But, I can't stand when restaurants serve ice- cold, refrigerated butter with warm bread.  You can hardly cut the butter with your butter knight without making a mess or a loud noise, and more importantly, it does not spread well on the bread! Please, don't refrigerate my butta!

-  This is a big rant.  Let me taste my food before you offer me the fresh ground pepper.  How am I supposed to know if I need pepper if I have not tasted the dish yet?

-  Why is wine 200% more expensive??  If we're paying premium dollars for my Chardonnay, don't let our glasses get empty OR make us refill our own glasses.

-  I hate when servers bring everyone's entrees in shifts.  As my momma taught me, you wait for everyone to have their food before you begin eating.  I understand a kitchen is busy, but someone's meal is sitting on the table getting cold while other's are still on the grill.  ?

-  Why are vegetables sometimes the weakest link on the plate?  I love veggies, and think they can totally complement the flavors of the dish and provide a lower calorie bite than the other accompaniments.  Leave the waxy green beans in the kitchen and serve me something good!

-  Totally agree with Natalie on this one:  Don't remove the plates before everyone at the table is finished eating.  I think it is so rude.  Everyone eats at difference paces, and no one should feel rushed or awkward because they are a slow eater.  My grandmother, I swear, is the slowest eater I know, and while the rest of my family could probably be through with our salad and entree before she completes her salad, we patiently wait for her and swat at our server's hands as he tries to take our plates away.  Plus, the pickers of the world like myself, we like to nibble at our last bites throughout conversation.  

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