Friday, May 21, 2010

The Little Boy and The Starfish

I'm in Beaufort for the night before we head off to the Keys tomorrow (WAHOOO!!).  As I was messing around packing, I came across a devotional book that I used to read from each night to my campers when I was a counselor at Greystone. This is a great story. 

The Little Boy and The Starfish

A little boy was walking down the seashore with his friend and sharing how the tides threw starfish out of the sea and onto the beach.  He explained that when the low tide came in, the starfish could not move fast enough to get back in the water.  Left defenseless on the beach, it would dry up and die.  As they continued to walk, the little boy finally saw a starfish.  He picked it up, and just as he was getting ready to throw it back into the sea, his friend asked, "Why are you doing that?  With all the hundreds of miles of shoreline around the area, there must be thousands of starfish that are dying rgiht now.  What good can throwing back one little starfish matter to the whole population of starfish?"

The little boy stood there holding the starfish in his hand and said, "I'm not sure what it will do for all the rest of the starfish in the world, but it will mean everything to this one."  He then threw it back into the sea, and the starfish regained its life and went on to do its thing.

Can you make a difference to just one person today?

-- I'm off to the Keys.  Looking for starfish :)  Have a great week, and hopefully I will have some awesome fish stories to report soon.  God Bless!

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  1. I had never heard this story; it was so lovely. Today I will look fir an opportunity to to help someone who might need a little boost!