Friday, May 7, 2010


RE: Yesterday's post.

Clearly, its been a crazy week.  I've had set agendas at work and in my personal life of things to do, and different things have been popping up and I can't get anything accomplished that I want to.  That drives me nuts.  I only had the chance to work out ONCE this past week and  I'm headed to the Keys in 15 days so that has really frustrated me-- so much for my 30 Day Shredded beach bod!  And, I've had various activities around town I had to go to at night so I didn't have the chance to relax after work.  These activities included adult beverages.  So therefore I haven't slept as well or felt as sharp the next day.  Ugh.  Whine, whine whine. (or wine, wine, wine) hehe.

So, I'm taking my teacups spinning self HOME for the weekend :)

This is the image that popped up yesterday after I googled "Spinning Teacups." I laughed out loud at work for a solid 30 seconds.  I LOVE his facial expression.

Anyways, I can't wait to get SPOILED ROTTEN, and then spoil my momma back for Mother's Day.  Thank the Lord Beaufort is so close.  I'm going out in the boat, sitting out by the pool, having fried soft shell crab for dinner tonight. . .   { Insert really, really big sigh of relief here!! }

Life is good.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend at home with your momma!

  2. Hahaha Mary Loyal that picture is too funny!