Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ohhh, Tassimo, you have ruined me!

Our office uses a Tassimo single- serve coffee maker.  I love it.

but now, I'm so used to it, that I hardly know how to make an old- fashion pot of coffee at home.


In my defense, I don't make coffee during the week at home, a cup of OJ satisfies me until I get to the office.  But now, Saturday and Sunday mornings require my foggy brain wayyy to much thinking to try to measure out the right amount of grounds to water.  Sometimes, I don't even bother.

This morning I read the directions on the back of the coffee bag (so sad), and while my beverage is okay, I'm totally missing the single-serve, press a button and voila, the perfect cup of Joe.

Woe is me!!! :)

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