Monday, May 17, 2010


I don't know how to describe the weekend.   The bride was stunning, the weather gorgeous, the setting magnificient. . . It was perfect in every way.

Before I go into the details of the wedding, I want to give you a little bit of an idea of where this all was happening.
Above is the entrance once to Laurel Spring from highway 17.  Every time I go under those oaks, a peace passes over me, and I know I'm home.

This is the house from the front.

Laurel Spring used to be an old rice plantation back in the day, so the backyard of the property overlooks the old rice fields.

Now to the wedding photos!!

Friday morning, my mom and aunts hosted the bridal luncheon. 
I know I certainly would not be the girl I am today without these wonderful, Godly women in my life.

What a beautiful, beautiful table setting!

The glowing bride and the mother of the bride during her toast at the luncheon.

All the bridesmaids minus me. :( Bummed I missed this!

Friday night, the rehearsal dinner was on the Spirit of the Lowcountry as we cruised around the Charleston harbor.  It was a lot of fun, but unfortunately I do not have one picture from the entire night!  I'm going to do some serious Facebook stalking and hopefully find some to post.

Saturday, we were all giddy with excitement about the first wedding in our family, but I can not believe what peace there was throughout the day.  I'm sure the bride was a little nervous, but she did not show it one bit.  There were no tears (ok, only when we saw her in her dress, and they were "you look so beautiful!! tears :) ) and the air was very, very calm the entire day.   Everyone was so happy, excited, and eagerly anticipating 5pm!!  I'd like to think I'll be very calm and peaceful on my wedding day.  Dargan was such a rockstar.

The wedding was just more beautiful than I can say.  

My gorgeous sister and I in our bridesmaid dresses

My handsome date.  Behind us you can see the altar where they got married (right in front of the stump). Don't you love the benches? They were a great choice for an outside wedding!

The best family a girl could ask for.

And last but not least,  the dress and the bride and groom :)

MOH doing a great job protecting that veil from snags, haha!

So indeed, it was a fabulous weekend.  Dargan married Rob, who, though President of the Student Body at W&L who graduated with more jaw- dropping job offers than you can shake two sticks at, decided to give back to our country, and is an active Marine.  He has already been deployed once to Afghanistan, and has received his orders in October to go to Iraq for seven months.  I ask you to please join me in prayers for the newlywed couple as he honors his commitment to our country.  With training and deployment, Rob will be away from Darg for the greater of 8 months of their first year of marriage.  I applaud Dargan for her commitment and incredible strength and perseverance.   It is not going to be easy, but with their true love and dedication to God and to each other, I know they will triumph over their adversities and separation.  Congratulations Dargan and Rob! We are so excited for you to begin this chapter of life together!

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  1. What a lovely couple! And a beautiful wedding!