Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Go- To's

I've been in a little bit of a recipe rut lately and had the thought earlier today to email some girlfriends to do a recipe swap!  After deliberating what the theme/ parameters would be, I settled on a "go- to" recipe swap- you know, the classic recipes that you pull out when you are in a bind or when you've got nothing else or when you don't know quite what to do!!

And then, one thought lead to another, and I started thinking about my other go-to's and of course, I got so distracted that I never sent that email out. . .

Anywho, this may just be diarrhea of the mouth (err, keyboard), but hey, play along and leave me a fun comment with your go- to's or blog about it yourself and keep me posted!!

Go To Song:  "Georgia" by Boz Scaggs Or "Oh Praise Him" by David Crowder Band

Go To Movie: Father of the Bride
No matter how many times I see this, or how many scenes I know by heart, I love it more and more every time.  And always cry during when Annie and George play basketball in the middle of the night and it starts snowing.

Go To Take Out: Red Orchid

A hidden gem in West Ashley!  Note: They do not have a good website, but I swear by it- all you Charlestonians must try it! Great bistro atmosphere, too, if you want to dine in!

Go To Recipe: Shrimp Risotto

Comfort food at its finest if you ask me!

Go To Cocktail: Vodka Water

So refreshing in this summer heat! And not to mention lower in calories than other cocktails!

Go To Summer M.O.:

A fun day on the water with best friends!!

Go To Website: www.google.com/reader, of course, to keep up with you all!! Thanks for reading!! :)

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