Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little Personal Day :)

I have just given myself a wonderful gift!  I had an extra vacation day to burn or else I would lose it at the end of the year, so I decided to treat myself to a luxury not very often afforded- a day of R&R with absolutely no plans!  I'm also taking off the week after Christmas, but this surprising day off comes highly recommend!!

It's 9:45 am, I am still in my PJs and robe, catching up on all your blogs, drinking my second cup of coffee, and enjoying this absolutely drop dead gorgeous morning in Charleston.  Life is good!!

I am about to dive into my early Christmas present from Lash- the Pioneer Woman's cookbook- and dream about all her delicious recipes!  (I love to spend hours reading a new cookbook).  Then, I'm going to the gym and getting, hopefully, a great run in, grabbing lunch with Lash and his sister, and then heading down King Street to do some last minute shopping.

This is fabulous.

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