Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DC Fashion Finds

I mentioned in my DC post that Luci and I had a ton of luck shopping.  Not only did we find great pieces, we also found some great bargains too.  Here's a little peak at our selection.

The store opened the day before we shopped, so there were tons of pieces in the sale section. I could have done a lot more damage but thankfully held off!
Helen, Luci, and I all walked away with this jacket, 
though they opted for the cream and I chose the gold.
A perfect transition for fall and spring, or when a light jacket is needed.
Love the pop of color, especially layered.

This photo doesn't do the sweater justice.  There is an intricate, almost lacey pattern in the stitching that is stunning, and it is incredibly soft and comfortable.
It's a perfect weight for these awkward, seasonal and transitional temperatures.
And I love the fall color!

I hesitated to buy this since its about to be too cold to wear it,
 but I'm so glad Luci and Helen talked me into it.  
This shirt is so me.
Love the stripes and beaded detail.  I think I will live in this next summer.

I haven't done much shopping at LOFT, but after our success there, I definitely think I will venture in there more.  Great pieces for work and play, and very affordable prices.  I really like a lot in the store, but decided to spring for the two I really loved.

A fun twist on a classic piece.

Dressed up or down, belted or free flowing, with leggings or skinny jeans. 
I think I will seriously live in this.  
I'm so mad I didn't buy it in more colors. 
I want to go to Town Center this weekend and see if they have more in stock.

Have you found any fun pieces lately?

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