Monday, October 31, 2011


Whew, he did it!  He got through the monster test and we had a great weekend relaxing and enjoying each other's company.... It was so nice to be home for a change!!

I met Lash for a celebratory cocktail right after work Friday and came home to cook the best supper.  Sweet and Spicy Honey Grilled Shrimp with Coconut Rice and Asian Roasted Broccolli.  We ate on our little patio out back, and it was amazing.
via our best bites

We then ventured downtown to the Macintosh for a few cocktails, and a nightcap at Fish with Anna and Chett.  The Macintosh is such a neat little spot- I walked in and felt like I was back in DC with Luci or in New York.  Very fun!

Saturday, it was fabulous to be lazy all morning.  Inspired by the Charleston Crepe concoction, we had a breakfast for croissants with nutella and strawberries.  You must try this one morning!

We tried to go to the Tattooed Moose for lunch, but it was closed for a taping with Diners, Drive - Ins, and Dives!  I was so disappointed, but what a cool reason to be closed!  Apparently, Guy Fieri also went to Fuel, the Early Bird Diner, Glass Onion, and Perfectly Franks in town earlier this week too.  Lash and I love that show, and now I want to go even more!

We spent the majority of the day having a fun football filled day and cheering on the Gamecocks to victory over Tennessee.  None of our victories this year have been pretty but I am thankful we are managing to pull out the W.   It at least makes for a happy husband :)

Sunday, we went to church and I'm so excited I got to finally meet Lindsay after lots of commenting and emailing back and forth.  I spent the afternoon happily working away in the kitchen gearing up for a brunch, office Halloween party, and Junior League event.  

This week is lining up to be a busy one with the league, supper club, and most of all gearing up for Concetta and Will coming into town and Anna's engagement party!!  I'm already counting down... Bring on Friday!!!!


  1. I've never been to the Tattooed Moose and have it on my "to try" list! Glad to hear the test is over and went well!

  2. Trying your dinner tomorrow night - any good tips?