Friday, October 14, 2011

What's Cooking

Monday: Chinese Take Out

My flight from DC got in late, and the last thing I was going to do was cook.  And true story, I have a weakness for anything and everything Asian.

Yum!!!!  This was the home run this week.  I saw the asparagus, tomato, and steak salad on Elefantitas Alegres and knew that I had to recreate it asap.  It was so easy and so delicious.  My only modifications- I used goat cheese instead of gorgonzola and left out the walnuts.  I will make this again, like next week.

The corn pie is my grandmother's old, old recipe.  Typically, I just bake it in a pyrex dish (without the pie crust), but I have one in my freezer than I needed to use, so I thought what the heck.  The corn pie is:

1 can of creamed corn
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs, beaten
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon flour
2 tablespoons melted butter
1/2 cup frozen corn kernels or one ear fresh corn (optional)

Combine all ingredients.  Bake 350' 30-40 minutes until golden brown and set.

Though I know corn doesn't offer much nutritional value, I love it.  We had this recipe all the time growing up, and it is a great comfort for me.

This layered spaghetti casserole is great twist to a classic spaghetti dinner.  I find myself making it often, as we'll freeze half and eat half.  The original recipe calls for ground beef, but I often use ground turkey or ground chicken to lighten it up. Its a great crowd pleaser.  I use the recipe from my mom's cookbook, but this one is very similar.

Thursday: Leftover's

I spent the evening packing for my college rommate's wedding this weekend and trying to organize our messy house, so LO's it was.  Million dollar spaghetti reheats like a champ :)

What's been cooking in your house this week?


  1. That corn pie looks divine! Adding it to my recipe binder to try next week! :)