Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Washington DC, Part 2

After a very touristy and full day in DC the day before, we enjoyed a somewhat lazy morning at Luci's quaint house in Arlington.  Our poor legs were exhausted, and we struggled to pull ourselves out of her cozy bed.  But we had places to go and things to see, and adventure beckoned in Georgetown.

I've had my eyes set on these West Elm curtains ever since Hanna suggested them to me, and I'm so excited I was able to see them in the store!  I wish Charleston had a West Elm, what a neat store! They unfortunately didn't have enough panels for me to walk away with so I'm anxiously awaiting UPS any day now.  In hindsight I'm grateful they did not have them so I didn't have to shove them in my already stuffed suitcase!

While wandering, we noticed that this is the line for DC Cupcakes at 11am on a Sunday.  Are you serious?  My sister said that she doesn't even think they are the best cupcakes in DC.

As we walked up and down M Street, we detoured to the Washington Harbour to check out the waterfront view,

And savoured a delicious lunch at Bangkok Joes.  This was both Luci and my favorite meal in all of DC that weekend.  A dumpling bar, Bangkok Joe's has a cool, modern, and fun atmosphere.  Per our servers recommendation, we split an order of dumplings, wontons, and vegetable pad thai.

This it was an intensely caloric lunch, but we knew we'd be walking a good bit more in the afternoon.. and I'm glad we justified our splurge, because it was out.of.this.world. . . .  The pad thai was better than Basil, and dare I say it, better than Lime Leaf. (gasp!)

We continued to tour and tool around until we could literally tour and tool around no longer, and headed back to Arlington to rest.  After such a heavy lunch, we could not imagine going out to a big dinner and settled for a light dinner of cheese and crackers while completely vegging out in front of HGTV and the krazy Kardashians.  

Oh, and a cupcake, because there are a thousand adorable cupcake spots in DC and I couldn't come home without trying at least one.

One of the best things about sisters is that there is no pressure to do anything.  I was just as happy sitting in front of her TV in sweatpants as I was tearing up the streets like a mad woman.  It was just so awesome to be together and hang out!

Monday, we woke up and went on a walk around Arlington, showered, and explored Clarendon.  Though we'd done some very successful shopping previously in Anthropologie, we poked our heads into LOFT. Unfortunately for my wallet, we had great success again, and I walked out with the cutest blouses.

I haven't made it down King Street since Steve Job's passing, but this was the scene at the Apple Store in Clarendon. Thousands of post it notes listed the windows, and apples with one bite gone in the corner lined the streets.  It was very touching to read people's remarks.

We treated ourselves for a final hoorah of frozen yogurt (seriously DC has more frozen yogurt and cupcakes places than I have ever seen), 

before starting the trek back to Luci's.

There is an urgent care facility one block from Luci's apartment that we had walked by all weekend, advertising $15 flu shots.  I was completely hoping she'd forget about our 'agreement' to get one, but to no avail, I found myself sleeve rolled up, trying not to cry, and squeezing the life out of Luci's hand one hour before I hopped on the plane.  I hate shots..... but I guess I am thankful she made me get one ;-)

I am never one to not want to leave somewhere.  I have my grandmother's direct gene, and when it is time to go home, it is time to go home.  When traveling, that is usually first thing in the morning the day of departure.  I don't like to wait around.  That afternoon though, something strange happened... while I couldn't wait to get home to Lash, I had no desire to leave my sweet sister.  It was the most fun weekend I've had in the longest time.


  1. What a fun trip, great photos!!

  2. looks like yall had so much fun!! and ate well too! i love those curtains from west elm...wish we had that store here too.