Thursday, October 6, 2011


I've fallen behind on blogging this week, but it's been one of those off weeks.

I haven't felt 100%, but I also haven't been sick enough to be sick.  I think this is miserable because you aren't sick enough where people feel sorry for you, but you aren't up for exercising and fun like usual...

I've been working from home all week while our office is under renovations- which was awesome day 1-3, but now, I also have a tremendous case of cabin fever.  I never thought I'd say this being such a homebody, but I am so ready to go back to the office Tuesday!  The four walls of our study/ guest room are creeping in!

I went to Beaufort Tuesday night while Lash was studying to see my parents and take care of some business.  We had an albeit short visit, but nevertheless wonderful.  I am so thankful to be so close!

Maybe this week is off because I am so anxious to get to DC tomorrow.  I have been staring at this weekend on my calendar for months and cannot believe it is finally here!!  Our sister bonding time is much overdue, and I cannot wait to see the city from her perspective.

I'll be back next week with more to share... and hopefully on a more regular blogging routine.  Have a great weekend loves!  Those of you in town for the Wofford/ Citadel game, I'm sorry I'll miss you, but hope to see you soon!


  1. were you at triangle tonight?? i thought i saw you but wasn't sure and didn't want to look like an idiot coming up to some stranger! :)

  2. Have a wonderful time in D.C.! I love it and can't wait to here about your trip.