Sunday, October 2, 2011


Here we are again on a Sunday night, wrapping up a nearly picture perfect fall weekend and begging it not to end.

Friday night, I left Lash in the books and ventured to Laurel Spring to see my family.  Every time I go there, I am thankful for and awed by God's beautiful creation.
John Wrightenberry Photography
John Wrightenberry Photography

After sitting at the dining room table until almost 10 that night, walking to the gate the next day, and enjoying the outdoors, it was hard to leave to come back to Charleston- but I was giddy to catch the South Carolina/ Auburn game at 3:30 with Lash and friends.  As disappointing and gut wrenching as the game ended up being, I believe the game was lost and not won, and the outcome will certainly prove to be a turning point in our season.  It is so frustrating watching individuals with such talent and ability not be able to come together on offense and get in the groove!  I just want to reach through the TV and tell them to snap out of it!

Licking our wounds after the big fat L, we went to Hom on King to use our Groupon ($15 for 2 beers, 2 burgers, and 2 orders of french fries).  Though we arrive at 8:15, there were plenty of empty tables around and a relatively quiet atmosphere.  Our service was slow, but what it lacked, the food made up for in flavor.  Maybe it was that we didn't eat until 9 and were starving, but the burgers were awesome- the perfect portion- not huge like Moe's- and a neat selection of various flavor combinations and toppings. It did remind me of our trip to the FLIP burger in Atlanta.  Hom maybe is not as modern and playful as FLIP, but a unique spin.

Lash got the Hom Wrecker - apple-wood smoked bacon, pepper jack, fried egg, and green tomato chutney - and I got the mushroom and swiss- portabella, caramelized onions, baby swiss, dijon.  Both of us preferred the mushroom and swiss but the hom wrecker was still solid.  Each order of hand-cut french fries came with a choice of two homemade sauces.  I loves sauces and condiments so was excited to get to try two, but honestly I have to say I was a little disappointed.  Their homemade ketchup was very bitter, vinegary, and chunky (gross), and the apple cidar bbq overpoweringly sweet. Lash got the chipotle ranch (which was our favorite) and the smoked onion remoulade which was way too garlicy.  Overall, I'd definitely go back for the burgers.  It probably ranks #2 to Moe's in Charleston for my favorite burger, though it definitely gets the nod over Moe's for portion control.

For the record, we didn't play ping pong-- maybe next time?

Today, we played hookie from church and slept in.  I can't tell you the last time we've slept in and had a relaxing morning.  We then walked the bridge, ran errands, and spent the entire afternoon in the backyard playing laddergolf and enjoying the perfect fall weather.

I'm so sad the weekend has come to an end, especially with the amazing weather we've had. However, our office is undergoing renovations all week so I am working from home for at least the next 6 days.  Now that's a Monday, I think I can handle!

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  1. i purchased the groupon to hom too! thanks for the review, we haven't been there before.