Saturday, October 22, 2011

Married to a Med Student

We're entering that dreaded week again... test week.

Now before you kindly remind me to count my blessing, I want you to know I am not complaining.  I am thankful for this life style.  Lash is happy, he loves med school, and I'm happy he's so happy.

If I have to deal with one rough week every six weeks, so be it.

I just gotta get mentally ready.

For me, the hardest part of the week is losing a companion... but also a lot falls on my plate in these times.

I feel like I need to make sure my life is together so I can help Lash keep his life together during the week.

I know this pressure is something I put completely on myself.   No one is telling me I have to be perfect.

But his life is so crazy during test week, I want our marriage and our home to be peaceful... a safe haven in the midst of the test week storm.

Any breakdowns? I will find another outlet.  Any problems? I will find a solution.  Anything I can't deal with?  I will wait to after the test to resolve.

My West Elm curtains- they're up, which is awesome (!)- but they are ghetto rigged with dental floss- true story- and we'll deal with it and hang them correctly it- you guessed it- after test week.  Budget discussion? Upcoming plans?  Next week.

Other than handling things myself or if I can't, pushing them off, I am trying to be creative and think of other projects to tackle.  The previous test week desperate housewife's activities included organizing a closet, hosting a girl's dinner party, rearranging furniture, and tubing out in front of the TV.  Our house was spotless by Wednesday.

In preparation for this go- round,   I've been scouring pinterest for crafty DIYs, and I think a trip to Michaels is in store over the weekend.   Also, if anyone in Charleston wants to meet for drinks or a walk, I am so available.  Let me know!

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  1. i think we are a lot more alike than we originally thought - my husband is in undergrad on his way to law school....eek!!! best of luck girl! lets go through it together!