Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Environmental Issues"

Lash has been scheduled to take the MCAT on this Friday since early November.  Yesterday, he received a phone call (excuse me, even worse, a voicemail) that the testing center is experiencing "environmental issues" and they are unsure if the testing center would be available as planned.

Hold on, WHAT!!  Here's where I lose it and enter freak out mode. . . thinking "he has only been studying for 3 months, planning it out to be ready exactly on this date-- not to mention also mentally preparing himself to take the damn test on Friday." Of course, Lash is calm and easy going as he always is (bless him!).... (Seriously, in our case, opposites attract!)

Well, after numerous emails and phone calls, he found out that a pipe broke in the testing center, and the facility is going to have to shut down for repair.  He had two options: 1) wait and take the test on the next available opening date (March 27th... TWO months away) or 2) scramble to find another testing center with an open seat for this weekend.

Well, taking the test in March would totally defeat the purpose of taking the test now to increase his chance of getting into Medical School for the fall as his score would not be reported in time.  So obviously, he opted for the latter.  And, there are no "open seats" to take the test in all of South Carolina.  The only seat available in all of SC, NC, and GA is in Marietta, Georgia, and by the grace of the Lord God Almighty, Lash got the last seat!!! So, thankfully it sounds like it is all going to work out, but he is having to drive 5 hours tomorrow to go spend the night in a hotel before the test Friday. Please pray that he has a safe travels and totally dominates the test! What a mess!

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  1. Give Lash my best! That is so frustrating. I would be a wreck. Scott and I are opposites in that respect too. He is so easy going and patient and I am a worrier who stresses out at the littlest thing!