Sunday, March 21, 2010

Business Class

I really feel like I am putting on my big girl panties tonight as I am enjoying my first business trip adventures!  I'm in Fort Lauderdale, FL until Tuesday for training for my new underwriting position.  How exciting!  PURE is headquartered in White Plains, NY, but also has offices in my home SC and this one in FL. I am very excited about the opportunity to be here, but am also of course nervous because I've never met anyone at our Florida office and am anxious about the training and learning my new role.

Nervous too because I think it is going to be a whirl wind of a week- I land Tuesday night at 9 (missing LOST, I'm trying not to cry. . thank goodness Lash has both tivo and HD), and then leave Wednesday at noon to go to Hilton Head for more training until later Thursday night.  Friday, I'm headed up the coast for a girls night Friday night and Saturday an engagement party for one of my best friends. . . Needless to say today, before I left, I had neatly packed three different bags so I could easily go from place to place without having to pack in the dark of night whenever I return.  Thankfully, I don't think most weeks are going to be this hectic in my new position, but if they are, luckily I love to travel and am at a great point in my life where I can do so without having to worry about kids at home, etc! Hope everyone has a great week.  And I wish you all, a happy official Spring!!

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  1. Too funny, I posted about traveling for work tonight. Have a fun trip!!!

    Also, I was so sad to see Wofford go down, but very happy to see them go down fighting.