Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Kids On The Block

We've got some New Kids on the Block that just moved in last week, and though I have not met them yet, I'm a little hesitant about our new neighbor situation.  The new "kids" on the block (NKOTB) term, by the way, is used very loosely, because they are helping to keep the average age of our block about 75.  If you are new-ish to the blog and want to read about my crazy crazy neighbors, click here and here.

Back to the story--- the NKOTBs have a dog so we also have a NPOTB (new pet on the block, hehe).  Anywho, NPOTB has hardly stopped barking since they moved in.  It is driving me crazy.  My bedroom backs up to their house and yard, so at 6:30 this morning, my doggie alarm clock started woofing away.  I wanted to scream!

And, the NKOTBs apparently do not know how and when to turn off their flood lights.  As mentioned, my bedroom window backs up to their house.  Their flood light was on all weekend, but hey, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe they are out of town or they are helping NPOTB getting adjustment to his new yard outside.  But it was still on all night Sunday night and all night Monday night and it 1) makes my room super bright (boo) and 2) shines right in my eyes!!

What's a girl to do?  March over with cookies and introduce myself, "Hi. My name is Mary Loyal. See that bedroom window right there, that's mine. Please, for the honor of any good neighbors clause, please turn your flood light off, and please make your dog be quiet!?!"  Um, I don't see first impressions getting off on the right foot at all. . . .

So, here's to selfishly hoping Fido over there gets adjusted ASAP and their flood light bulbs burn out or something!!

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