Monday, March 15, 2010

Supper Club

Last night, I hosted my very first dinner party, and I think it was a great success!!  Lash and I have been meaning to have to have one of our favorites couples over for dinner for the longest time, and finally, we were able to do so!  My parents are big entertainers, and yesterday, I totally discovered my love to entertain as well.  I had the best time yesterday getting organized, cleaning the house, and spending the afternoon in the kitchen!  I know it's gay, but I swear I had an adrenaline rush getting everything together. . . I can't wait to do it again soon!

I served shrimp and orzo with a white wine reduction sauce, roasted vegetables, and cheddar cheese biscuits, with homemade peach cobbler for dessert.  I think it all turned out delicious, and it was a great meal to serve as a I host because I didn't feel like I had to stay in the kitchen cooking the entire time.

Here's a photo of the table setting.  Obviously, just out of college, I am still collecting china and serving pieces, but I made it work.  Don't you just love the dining room table?  I got (basically a steal!) from this great shop in Georgetown, SC.  I think it is such a timeless piece that I will love forever.  Eventually, I want to recover the chairs, but for now, the coral is great.

This buffet/ chest is my newest piece of furniture, and I am obsessed with it!  My cousin owns a consignment/ furniture store and has been a huge lifesaver in helping me decorate my apartment.  Though the color green is a little funky and edgy, I love that the piece still looks classic and well polished.  I think it brings all the colors of the room together, and is a perfect serving table for dinner.  

It's been so fun to decorate my apartment and discover my design tastes.  I can't wait to decorate a real house one day. . . though I definitely have a LOT to learn.


  1. You are the BEST host!!!! It was all wonderful and perfect:) Thank you so much for having us!!!

  2. Looks and sounds fabulous!!! And I love the buffet!

  3. Sounds about some recipes?