Monday, March 8, 2010

Life Is Good!

Today was a GREAT day.

1)  I woke up to have a comment with a cute little blogging award from my friend NOLA girl's blog.  What a honor and so fun!  To return the favor, you should check out her blog and other blogs I'm digging right now including:  grow, byrne babies (incredible story, the daddy was my history teacher in high school), anna in chile (one of my best friends from college is in chile right now), and 455 days apart (a story of true love and heroism that i admire so very much).

2)  After finding my blogger award, I checked the news to discover that Sandy pulled through and won the well-deserved Best Actress Award.  Whoop Whooop! I made it to eleven, but couldn't make it to the end of the show after my cold medicine kicked in so I went to bed in the dark.

3)  After I found Sandy's great news, I looked at and realized it was going to be 70 degrees today in Chucktown.  Hallejulah y'all spring is close!!!

4)  My Wofford Terriers are playing right now on ESPN2 for the Southern Conference Championships and, if they win, they will play in the NCAA championship. Wofford College in the big dance?? I like the sound of that!!!  And knock on wood, they are doing pretty well so far in the game.

And lastly, for the BIG NEWS!,

{drum roll please}

5)  Effective Monday, March 15th, I'm starting a new role with PURE! I've been the "executive assistant" and now will be transitioning to be an "underwriting technician"! I am SO excited and blessed beyond measure to have this opportunity after only being in the working world for 9 months.   I cannot imagine working for a better company and am so happy with my decision to be with them.

Life is Good! Go Terriers!!


  1. Congrats on your new role at work! And you are too sweet... I almost cried! How 'bout those Terriers?! :)

  2. Have you gotten to hear Sandra's speech? It was sooo sweet!

    Yay for Spring, and congrats on the Wofford win and you new role at work! So exciting!!!