Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

These were great, y'all!  Buffalo chicken sandwiches are not typically something I order or even crave, but I decided to try something completely new today, and I'm so glad I did!  This recipe could be easily doubled/ tripled/ whatever to serve a crowd for say football games or parties and it is so easy!! Also, I don't do leftovers, unless you can somehow tweak the dish into something new. So with my leftovers, I'm making Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  Two meals with the effort of one?  Music to my ears!!

Before I get into the recipe, I had to share this picture below. . . My crock pot is a hand-me-down from my parents, who received it as a wedding gift circa 1983!  Clearly, crock pot technology has developed since the early eighties, but this bad boy is still crockin' like a champ, honey!  

Allow me to introduce you to my "crockette:"
{Crockette. Definition: a crock pot designed for two. 
Origin: probably some crazy family member reading my blog :) 
Who would have thought this thing is still going 27 years later?  hehehe}

Anyways, excited about my culinary adventure today and knowing my beloved crockette did not have the luxury of a low setting (or any heat setting for that matter), I came home at lunch to set it and forget it!

I used two chicken breasts cut in half so they would fit in my small space and I reserved 1/2 of the breasts just in case it didn't turn out and I needed an alternate dinner plan.  I told you: I'm an inexperienced crock potter.  Anyways, in addition to the chicken, I used 1/2 ranch dressing seasoning packet and about 5-6 oz of Frank's hot wing sauce.  With the remaining ranch seasoning, I made ranch dressing to use on my sandwich/ general purposes.

After work, I anxiously came home and anxiously peeked inside:

It was looking good!  I wanted to go ahead and shred it so that it could continue to cook and absorb the sauce while I went for my run.  So I shredded away and tossed back in with 1/2 T. butter, per the recipe's instructions, and let it continue to . . . crock on!

Cook's Note: I actually removed about 1/4 cup liquid because I thought it was a little too soupy.

And after I got back from exercising, I toasted my bread, melted some cheese, and voila! Dinner was served!  It's nice every now and then to not have to slave away over pots and pans.  What a nice change!

Yes, I made the mistake of also cooking some sweet potato fries to go along side.  Hey, if you are going to go all in, go in all, right??  

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