Monday, August 23, 2010

The White Coat

 As many of you may know, in May, Lash was accepted into the Medical University of South Carolina's College of Medicine.  It truly has been amazing watching someone's lifelong dreams come true. . . especially someone who is near and dear to your heart.  

We've both been so thrilled about his upcoming adventures in school and subsequently, tried to live each day to the fullest this summer before he is diligently living in the library until December.  It's been a great summer, but I'm excited to say that this weekend, we officially kicked off his medical school career!

There are two traditional, and very important, ceremonies associated with medical school. The obvious, of course, is the graduation and hooding ceremony once all coursework is complete. The other is the white coat ceremony.

In this empowering ceremony, the incoming students receive their own white coat and stethoscope, a gift that symbolizes the strong values represented by their medical profession.  Both universal symbols of the medical profession, the white coat and stethoscope signify the high standards of medicine's thrilling challenges and awesome responsibility.  They remind physicians of their professional duties to lead their lives and practice their art in the highest uprightness and honor.

It truly was incredible watching Lash receive his white coat.  Of course, I tried a little unsuccessfully to keep the waterworks to a minimum- but I couldn't help it, I'm so proud of him!!!

Dr. Springs to be, I am so excited for you to begin this awesome chapter of your life, and cannot wait to watch you blossom into the incredible physician God has planned for you to be.  You sure do look handsome in your coat!

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