Sunday, August 22, 2010

Couponing is the Jam!

In my attempts to be a little more conscious of my spending, I've casually turned to coupons to save a dollar here or 50 cents there.  Being recently new to the coupon world, I had no idea that such a cult (for lack of a better word) existed.  I also had no idea how much of a hobby coupon-ing can become.  My inbox is filled daily with fun savings from and  (If I'm missing another great site, let me know!!)  Some of the stuff that pops up for sale I would never buy (read: go-gurt, toaster strudels), but sometimes there are straight gems in there!

So anyways, I've been collecting coupons for a month or two, and today I had to make a big grocery run.  I've been traveling so much lately with summer fun that my cupboard was absolutely bare when I started to make my list.

And let me tell you, I could not believe my eyes when I saw my savings when the cashier rang me up.

I saved $17.22 shopping today!!! Can you believe that?!? I think it is so awesome- I'm totally inspired now.  It really makes a difference!


  1. check out :)

  2. Coupons are addicting! It's so much fun! Thanks for the comment on my blog with information about Charleston. I would love more help! We don't know where to stay but would like to be close to the beach.

  3. That is so interesting. I might have to get interested in couponing (sic?) if I want to keep making good food.