Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friends and Monsoon Season

Happy Sunday evening!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Two of my best friends came into town Saturday night, and we had the best time catching up.  It always fills my tank whenever I get to spend quality time with great friends.  It's so wonderful to catch up, retell old stores, relive our glory days (or at least try to), and laugh until our cheeks hurt.  As Elisabeth Foley once said, "the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart." In my year outside of college, that's one of the biggest lessons I've learned. . . and it's been great learning it.

After a fun night hopping around town, we woke up to a nasty monsoon.  Holy Rutledge River!  After over a year, I still cannot get over the bad flooding downtown.  Its not uncommon to see people kayaking down side streets after a heavy storm!

Even my neighbor's trash can was knocked over in the flow!

I felt really bad for this guy.  You know he was soaked.

All in all, the rain didn't bother me too bad though. It was nice to have a day to relax and sit around the house and not feel too guilty doing it!  And it kinda fit my somber mood after the girls left because in addition, it was also Luci's d-day.  Yes, please lower your flags to half-mask and mourn with me- she has flown the coop and headed back home for a few days before heading back to Wofford :(  I'm already having separation anxiety. . . Empty nest syndrome at 23. . . That's normal, right?

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  1. We were coming home from the beach on Sunday and almost had to swim through the Crosstown. It was miserable!