Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My biggest diet buster?  These two partners in crime:

1.  Cheez It (hey, it is made with 100% real cheese)


2.  Wheat Thins (reduced fat only, per my mother's upbringing)

Seriously, the hardest thing for me to bypass in the grocery store is the cracker aisle, not the sweets, not the wine, not the pizza.  Seriously, they must put crack in crackers or something!!   They are like the sirens and sea nymphs from Greek mythology who lured sailors to their death by their enchanting songs and then, the unsuspecting sailors shipwrecked (say that five times fast) on the island's rocky coast.  Quite the parallel, no?  Consider my diet the ship crashing violently ashore.

So, I'm trying to jump this giant hurdle by substituting my afternoon snack with an apple instead of crackers. . . oh but how I miss the grainy crunch!  Or even worse, I miss the deadliest diet demolisher (alliteration must be my friend today) of all- the cheese and crackers combo. . . Mmmmm. . . Specifically, the cheese part because this here is heaven in a refridgerator for me:

Seriously, have you tried any Cabot cheeses?  I'm extremely partial to the "seriously sharp" variety.  It is amazing.  Sometimes I compromise and sneak a little slice o' cabot in with my apple.  Ooooh, the things we give up for our girlish figures!!


  1. So funny! I can't stand Cheez-Its but I can put AWAY some Wheat Thins. Yikes! I try to avoid buying them at all costs!

  2. Pretty sure I ate Seriously Sharp + Ritz crackers for dinner last night.

  3. Love the new look, ML! I am (hopefully) finally getting back into the blog world!!!