Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bacon and Wild Mushroom Risotto with Baby Spinach

I have a lot on my mind I am dying to post, but until I actually have time to sit down and write, I have to leave you with this recipe I made last night.

{Please excuse the terrible lighting and photo quality, it was taken from my phone.}

It was absolutely delicious.  Mushrooms are fairly new friends of mine, so making a recipe that showcases exotic mushrooms was a little bit of a stretch for me.  I'm so glad I did it!

The recipe calls for cremini, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms, but Publix {how I love thee} had pre-cut, pre-sliced wild bunch on sale for $2.50 that caught my heart.  I can't remember right now, but I think the bunch just had shiitake and oyster, and maybe baby bella too.  Close enough in my book.  Other than that, I pretty much followed the recipe to a T with the exception of using Swanson chicken stock and adding frozen peas in at the very end.

This is restaurant quality risotto with so much flavor. Great for company, great for date night, or great for those 'just because' nights.  Enjoy!

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