Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keys 2011: Day 1- 4

We have had a fabulous family trip so far in Marathon.

My sister, mom, dad, and I piled into our family suburban and left Beaufort at 5:45 am Saturday morning.  In years past, I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping the majority of the drive, but this year, I found myself too excited to fall back asleep as we traveled through SC, GA, and ultimately into Florida.

After a pretty uneventful trip, we arrived in the Keys midafternoon, just in time to throw on our suits and head out for a late afternoon cocktail cruise.

While on the water, we picked up the most delicious sushi from the Keys Fishery.  I'm sure having fish swimming mere hours before we ate them had something to do with it, but y'all, this was the best sushi I have ever had.  We decided we have to go back again before we leave and I am already dreaming about the green dragon roll from the top right hand corner.  Amazing.

We devoured our supper while we watched God's perfect creation unfold before us.  It was a stunning sight, the perfect start to our vacation.

Sunday, we had a pretty leisurely morning as there is certainly no need to rush around here.  My mom and I went for a run, and afterwards, my dad and I headed out on the water, in pursuit of bringing home some mahi mahi.  Unfortunately, 3-5 foot seas and winds blowing 15- 20 knots had other plans for our day. We got the mud beaten out of us and after a few hours of not even a nibble, we headed in for greener pastures.

We got back just in time to change the oil, and pick up my mom and sister for our nightly sunset cocktail cruise.  I'm pretty sure sunsets in the Keys cannot be beat.  It is my favorite part of the day!!

After another gorgeous night on the water, we came back to a feast of stone crab claws, baked potatoes, and a salad.  YUM!

Monday, we did it all over again, heading back on the water to look for some mahi mahi.  We are unfortunately quite early in the fishing season and did not have great luck, but nevertheless had an incredible time just being in the ocean.  A day in the sun is quite draining so after another fabulous supper of filets and more crab claws, the night ended fairly early and uneventful for us.  

Today, the seas have grown again, and it was not a fish day.  We had a family walk/ run on the seven mile bridge, and came back and spent the entire day by the pool.  I have my bridal portrait next Friday so tan lines cannot be in my immediate future.

Nevertheless, I started and finished the Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.  A recount of her love story with Malboro Man, it is a very cute book.  I would highly recommend it for a beach read, as I just adore her and her writing style.  Her infectious personality shines through every page, and I found myself laughing out loud several times.

We broke the cocktail cruise ritual tonight in favor of an early dinner of grouper with mango salsa, grilled asparagus, and asian slaw as we watched the sunset from our condo.  Again, I find myself drained from the sun, but eager to do it all again tomorrow.  

I wish we could just stay forever!

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