Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

For recaps of our weekend in Myrtle Beach, see Anna, Concetta, and Mary's cute blogs.  We had so much fun!  It has taken me allllllll week to recover!  At each party, the company, setting, flowers, food,  it was so incredible.  It is hard to believe that the next time we will all be together will be at our wedding.  Just about two months to go!

I hate to be superficial, but one of the most fun parts of this wedding season has been picking out all of my outfits for our parties!  My mom and sister have been so sweet helping me get my "trousseau" complete! Friday night, I wore Nanette Lapore's Latin Lover dress, and Saturday night Kate Spade's Damask Faye.  I am obsessed with both of them and can't wait to get lots of miles from them in the years to come.

I have a lot of other pictures I should post but that will be some other time.  Right now, I'm too excited about our trip to the KEYS tomorrow!!  I cannot wait to get there!!  This week of R&R and family bonding could not come at a better time!

I did want to share this recipe - earlier this week, I made the PW's Baked Lemon Pasta with sauteed shrimp.  Cleaning out the fridge, I also added asparagus and peas for an extra spring veggie kick and I am so glad I did.  This recipe was great! The refreshing lemony flavors fused so well with the veggies and the shrimp.  I was a very happy camper.

While I was plating, I asked Lash to grab the camera so I could blog about the recipe, and he unknowingly got this winner of me post work out.  I cannot wait to get out of this 1970 inspired kitchen and into our updated one in our new house!  The wall paper and countertops are terrible.

Speaking of the PW, I think I read somewhere that she just came out with a new book. That woman can do no wrong in my book and I cannot wait to get my hands on her latest!

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