Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY: Lima Bean Wreath

Read the title and you probably think I'm crazy.

But, this Saturday I had no plans and sometimes crazy things happened when one has no plans.

That morning, I was checking my Google reader, and was totally inspired by Katie who was inspired by Reed who was inspired by All Things Thrifty.  Don't you just love this??

I did!

And all of a sudden my Saturday with no agenda became a Saturday with an agenda. I was making a Lima Bean Wreath.

The only things needed:
1 Styrofoam Wreath (16" wreath was $8.99 from Michael's)
1- 2 Bags of Lima Beans ($1.24 at Wal-mart)
Spray Paint ($0.97 at Wal-mart)
Hot Glue

And then you just start glueing!  

I don't think I really thought through the fact that this project involves glueing every. single. lima. bean. on the wreath.  One at a time.   

This is when I began to doubt my decision to DIY and had to take a break.  haha.

But I kept going.  And finished hours later- notice it was dark outside when I finished glueing. hehe.

So the wreath got a little spray, tied with a pretty red ribbon, and viola- the finished product!  {However- please note: calling all professional bow tie-ers in the lowcountry.  I need help!!}

My first ever DIY complete.  I'm so glad I stuck with it, and am actually kind of inspired to get a little crafty every now and then.  It will be especially fun to do when Lash and I make a house our home.  :)

P.S. In case you are thinking of attempting this-  if I could do it again, I would a) buy a 10" wreath- not 16" and b) buy a pre-tied ribbon.  But it was so fun. . . and turned out okay!