Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Working on the Registry

Sunday marked the official 'six months to go' countdown, and I honestly cannot believe how fast our engagement is flying by!

Since we spent Thanksgiving in Georgetown, my mom and I took the opportunity on Friday to go to Myrtle Beach and get started on our wedding registry.  We are going to use local vendors from both of our hometowns, and then a national store or two to appease the out of town guest.

Friday, we met the Springs for lunch and afterwards, Lash's mom and his twin sisters joined us on our journey. .  I can't believe his sisters stuck it out the entire time like they did!  I'm sure they were bored out of their mind looking at china, crystal, and other home knick- knacks, but they were such troopers and it really was so special to have them there.

Though we technically do not have a clue where we will be living, it's fun to start planning and envisioning how our little home will look one day some day.  I'm getting really excited!  {As if I wasn't already, haha!}  We visited a great fine gifts shop as well as an interior design boutique.  My favorite store that was visited- of course- was a kitchen store.  I could have spent hours in there wandering around and looking at various gadgets and gizmos and daydreaming all the while. I loved it.

Now, I'm totally inspired and want to go to Williams- Sonoma, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or Pottery Barn and use those cool scanning guns.  I feel the experience of the scanner gun will be unduly satisfying and climatic in and of itself.   Is that crazy?

Did you enjoy registering as much as I did?


  1. haha! Yes! I love that power!! We ended up getting the majority of our gifts from the smaller places we had registered! We also didn't know where we were going to live, so I just picked a lot of neutrals with fun accent pieces. That worked pretty well for us! Good luck and have fun!

  2. Although I am a long time away from the days of registering, Brad and I are getting ready to break ground on our house, so I am planning out our new home, too. I am having a fun time planning out what it is going to look like -- although no one is going to be buying me anything to put in it! Registering is definitely a lot of fun, so enjoy it while you can!