Monday, November 1, 2010

Manic Monday

It's been a manic Monday. . .

1- I am wearing the same clothes I wore Friday, Saturday, and now today.

Black skinny jeans
Black turtle neck
Colorful accessory

It isn't as bad as it sounds. . .  {I have showered} . . . but I am about ready for a wardrobe change.  After work Friday in the above attire, I drove home to Beaufort to my parents' house for a weekend of wedding planning galore.

Saturday, with rehearsal dinner spot officially decided at Breakwater- hooray!!- we just had to go sample everything and enjoy the night on the town :) But, the only problem with deciding to go out was that I didn't really bring any clothes since I thought we'd just be relaxing around the house. So the solution- repeat outfit, changing the flats in for boots, and just roll with it.

Small sidenote- I'm so glad it worked out that we got to go- our evening was incredible!  We are having a very traditional southern wedding, so I think Breakwater will be a great modern flare for the rehearsal dinner {not to mention also the inside venue- our only one for the weekend, start praying for good weather!}. I cannot wait. The food was amazing, the staff super friendly, and it really is a neat atmosphere.  It will be perfect!!  Thank you Springs! :)

Yesterday, we got, and I just could not bring myself to leave beautiful Beaufort and head back to Charleston. We planned until our eyes were crossed eyed, and I woke up bright and early this morning to come home.  Since I had not planned to stay- you guessed it- put on the same black jeans and turtleneck, switching out the scarf and flats again. Haha. I will be so happy to change it up tomorrow!  I am sick of all black.

2- I left Beaufort at 6:45 am, worked, had a Junior League meeting, and got home at 8:45 pm. I am exhausted.  Hence the post set up.

3-  I just downloaded some pics and hope to update tomorrow on everything!  I'm so excited how it is all coming together.

4- ML Water Filled XL Tervis Tumbler 1, Blackberry 0.  Not good.

I heard rumors one day about saving a wet cell phone with rice.  Apparently, the rice has a high affinity for water and can help draw out any remaining moisture. Has anyone tried this???   As we know, patience is not my greatest virtue, but I am really trying hard not to turn it on.

Come on rice, work your magic, and save me the misery of going to TMobile and shelling out dollas!!

In the interim, I tried to pull out these deadbeats, but alas, no luck.  The taped-together track ball probably has something to do with its un-functionality, and the razor, well, it just brings back such memories. :)

5- Tomorrow for supper I am making this.

Listed under Cooking Light's All-Time Best Recipes, this Beef Daube Provencal clearly has gotten awesome reviews. I can't wait to crock on and come home to dinner ready. I'll be sure to let you know if it is a keeper!  I've already browned my meat and chopped the veggies so tomorrow I just can set it and forget it!

Note to self: Do a better job packing so you can change your outfits, don't drop H20 on your mobile device, plan a great supper, and sleep!!

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