Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just Did It

I finally did it.  I joined a gym!!!

I have been debating this decision since last Christmas, and I am pretty sure it was on the top of my new year's resolutions last year.

Yep, that didn't happen as soon as I thought it would, but hey, I'll check that off the list this week- only 11 months late!  :)

But I guess better late than never. . . given now, I especially gotta work on my bridal bod!  I think I drug my feet the most because I was hoping to avoid the cost of a gym membership, but sometimes I feel like I don't push myself as hard when I'm doing an exercise video, etc.  But with the wedding fastly approaching, no more slack workouts accepted.

Anyways, I'm really enthusiastic about my decision! I got up a little early this morning so I could swing by and sign up and then I went back this afternoon to work out after I knocked off.  I found a parking space right away, did not have to wait for a treadmill, ran 3.5 miles, and got home before 6:30.  I'd say it was a success!

Plus, I will get an unbelievable discount when Lash and I get married. He is coming over shortly for dinner so I'm going to propose eloping to get this discount ASAP.

Kidding, Mom!!!

Anyways, here's to good health before the holiday binge eating begins!

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