Friday, November 19, 2010


I left my engagement ring last weekend at Croghan's to get it resized.  The ring has been a tad big since we first got engaged, but let's be honest, I have not wanted to part with the ring for even a minute.  I also didn't ever feel like I was in danger of it falling off, so I ignored it. . . until fall arrived, and the cooler weather came to stay, and I got on my exercise kick.

In addition to the changing seasons, I am very grateful that Anna reminded me of the terrible night in college in which my three roommates literally scoured every inch, trashcan, and vacuum bag on Wofford College's campus for another friend's engagement ring that had fallen off.  Thankfully, they later found the ring, but it certainly left them all scarred with nightmares.

Anyways, it was very difficult to leave the ring at the store.  I did not want to see that thing go and be out of my sight for an entire week.  Misery!  Thankfully, I was babysitting when I dropped it off, and the crazy kids had me cheered up in a matter of minutes. . . or at least I was preoccupied keeping them straight :)

Yesterday, after five lonely days, it was finally ready!  Unfortunately, the store hours were not quite conducive to my work schedule so I begged Lash to go pick it up for me.   However, on his way there, he called, clearly getting a little confused on King Street.  "What's this place called again?" he asks, "Kroger?"

Well, I could hardly keep myself from falling out of my chair laughing.

Haha, no Lash, Kroger is the grocery store.  I'm pretty sure the only rings you can find there are out of the bubble gum machines, but I do so appreciate you running that errand for me.  :)

I feel like a proper woman again!

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