Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Bluesday

HOW is it only Tuesday??

My dad told me today that I am dramatic, but y'all, this is already feeling like the longest week ever. .  . This has been the busiest fall of my life, and looking ahead at my 2011 planner, I am eagerly anticipating even busier months ahead.

I think I have too much going on.

Yet, I'm so glad to be busy.

  • I do not distract my dr2b from la biblioteca.
  • The weeks are flying by until the big day.
  • It's almost time for Christmas!!!
  • I've spent a lot of time lately with my dear, dear girlfriends.
  • I have a tremendous sense of purpose and fulfillment with my involvement at work, church, and in the community.
  • I crash sleep at night.

Today, I got up, exercised, did two loads of laundry, and paid the bills before work at 8:30 am.  I am burning the candle at both ends.

I need our Thanksgiving "vacation."

Or use my remaining vacation days for a "stay-cation" and tell everyone I am going away.

My mom is coming to visit tomorrow night.

Mom makes everything better.

We are going to go for a walk, cook-in, plan plan plan, drink a glass of wine, eat some wedding cake, and relax.  I need it.

Life is good.

This is the day that the Lord has made- Let us REJOICE and be glad in HIM.

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  1. ML! You are too cute ... life is busy!! But I love your last line, because that is the absolute truth!! Enjoy every single minute of your engagement, mine is drawing to a close - so sad!! (but happy too ;) )